Geoff Hall's music has a strong melodic flow and is a great background for everyday life. The steel string guitar sound and technique remind me of the best Windham Hill atmospheres. ” - Franco Morone
I really like Geoff's album because of it's diversity...Each track is different and gives me a variety of music from which to choose. The fact that the music is fantastic just adds to the pleasure of sharing. I'm not sure if he knows just how good he really is!” - Michael "Wings" - WFCF
...This is great music for relaxation, driving, quiet activities, and just generally getting lost in. ” - Kathy Parsons
...Well, it certainly looks like all that practicing has paid off for Geoff. While It Lasts is his second solo venture. It is a beautiful album that embodies his choice of instrument and style of playing. I think Will Ackerman would be pleased. It did not take long for me to realize that this is a significant release. I am sure that the new age community will embrace this artist and his music. And by that, I mean listeners and peers alike. If you have an affinity for moving music that relaxes or a few tracks in between that offer that exhilarating climb and crescendo, you find it all here on this recording. Go ahead, give yourself a nice relaxing cup of gorgeous sounds and positive vibrations and enjoy it all While It Lasts, then repeat the same exercise. You will be glad you took my advice; I promise.” - Keith Hannaleck, New Age Guitar Review
Understanding the Signs from Geoff Hall is a pretty impressive album for a debut artist, he has really placed his heart on his musical sleeve and gone for it and I am both proud and glad to say that he has been extremely successful in doing so, I can see the electronic and new age music fans are going to fall in love with this album very quickly indeed and as such I have no problem at all recommending it to you.” - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio, June 2016 (UK)
Simply gorgeous music... Well worth checking out” - Buzz Music, June 2016
Geoff Hall – UNDERSTANDING THE SIGNS:  Though billed in the promo as “new age, orchestral-ambient”, Geoff’s wonderful debut release tends most strongly to the orchestral side of things, with some totally moving percussion woven in, around and through it!  I fell in love with it on the first tune, the 4:33 “The Run“, i think because of the percussion weave he is so excellent at… tasty orchestral patches on this one, to be sure.  His works have far more energy than the average “new age” recording, and tunes like the striding string title cut, “Understanding The Signs” will make you realize his total talent at composition right away… it could have gone on for an hour, though, rather than the 2:19 it clocks in with.  The 4:08 “Knowing” is simple, yet full of the power of spirit; I loved this one, too.  Of the eight enchantments, it was (again) the longest song on the album that caught my ear most strongly and made it my absolute favorite… “Gone But Not Forgotten” will take you back to memories you’d thought long lost, no matter what they may be, and overwhelm you with them.  I give Geoff a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a (perfect) 5.00; meaning it also gets the “PICK” of this issue for “best orchestral composition”!  Get more information and listen to samples at Geoff’s page for this stellar release.” - Rotcod Zzaj

— Improvijazzation Nation

Boy, is this guy a step ahead. Inspired by the modern soundtrack masters, Hall intuitively knows that if you can break into the studio system at all, they are going to make you make your bones in the under­funded Indie division where the music has to be part of the story. Hall has crafted a perfect, narrative soundtrack in search of a character­driven story. Having it all hang together as a statement on it's own like he was a student of Mancini, Hall knows who he is and with stuff like this as his debut, we're looking forward to seeing his name in credit crawls soon. Check it out. ”

— Midwest Record: Entertainment Reviews, News and Views

Modern Classical And New Age With Lots Of StringsFrom Geoff HallGeoff Hall is a contradiction. His debut album, Understanding the Signs, contains eight original instrumental tunes that are heavily orchestrated, primarily with string sections, apparently all created using synthesizers, but he also is a longtime guitarist although he only plays a tiny bit of guitar on one piece on this recording. Another contradiction is that several of the tunes are fairly ambient, especially “To Go Alone” and “Something More,” but these also feature lots of strings (who would have thought strings could be used in an ambient number?). But there are some catchy, upbeat, melodic compositions on the album as well (such as “Understanding the Signs,” “Gone But Not Forgotten” and “Perseverance”). Despite the contradictions, the music works well. With strings appearing on every track, the music has the feel of a film soundtrack, perhaps one of those Hollywood love stories with the strings underscoring every nuance of emotion. The short title tune, which is all strings (no other apparent instruments), is probably the most classical-sounding of the bunch (sort of Bach on steroids). But seriously, it is interesting to hear a modern composer-musician create about 80 percent of his music using strings and then fill out the rest with some dabs of piano, percussion/drums/synth-beats, and a few tidbits of other instruments buried in the mix (a plucked guitar one place, some cymbals another). This music will find favor with the broad, open-minded new age audience, especially those who like hearing modern classical explorations. This is something a bit different than usual, but definitely worth giving a listen to. ”

— Magle International Music Forums