Understanding the Signs

Geoff Hall

Instrumental music that blends New Age and electronic with film and contemporary classical to create an every day "personal soundtrack" that covers a range of experiences and emotions.

"Understanding the Signs" is the debut release from artist/composer Geoff Hall. These modern instrumental pieces have been orchestrated to combine elements of electronic, film, New Age, and contemporary classical music. While the titles are self-evident, the idea was to compose the music in a way that makes it easy to identify and connect with the emotional content of each piece. The release could be considered as a listener's "personal soundtrack" that covers a range of every day stories and experiences. They are for anyone who has ever felt hopeful, exhilarated, lonely, dedicated, confident, or sorrowful.

As a guitarist, it seems odd to have a first release in which the guitar is largely absent. The majority of instruments that were used in this project range from orchestral to electronic and were selected based on what each piece seemed to "need." In many ways, it felt like these pieces wrote themselves, and the instrumentation choices simply fell into place each time. After reviewing the final outcome, I believe the subtle (and sometimes overt) differences in instrumentation serve each piece, individually, better than if a more structured approach had been used to orchestrate them all.

That said, the next release is already underway, and the guitar will be claiming a large portion of the spotlight...

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