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"I fell in love with it on the first tune"

      -Improvijazzation Nation magazine

"creates a world of string-laden sounds that reside somewhere between new age and neo-classical with bits of ambient worked into the mix... develop(s) his own world of sound" 

     - Zone Music Reporter, June 2016


"Understanding the Signs gives a strong positive charge, creating in the imagination fantastic images of the past, present and future, giving us a new, amazing meeting with the starry sky, behind which hides the secrets of an infinite universe. Great album."

     - ascentor, June 4, 2016 (Russia)


"simply gorgeous music... Well worth checking out"

     - Buzz Music, June 2016


"Bach on steroids"

     - Magle International Music Forums, June 2016


"Right from the opening seconds of Understanding the Signs' first track, 'The Run', there’s a palpability and gravity which only increases as the cut treads its paces, a well-textured mounting panoply of images and essences echoing hints and phrases of past masters -- Steve Roach, Tangelos, John Serrie, Loren Newell, etc. -- but within a framework more than distinctive enough to announce the arrival of a new and worthy talent"

     - Veritas Vampirus, June 2016


"Hall has crafted a perfect, narrative soundtrack"

     - Midwest Record, May 27, 2016 


"Understanding the Signs from Geoff Hall is a pretty impressive album for a debut artist, he has really placed his heart on his musical sleeve and gone for it and I am both proud and glad to say that he has been extremely successful in doing so, I can see the electronic and new age music fans are going to fall in love with this album very quickly indeed and as such I have no problem at all recommending it to you."

     - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio, June 2016 (UK)


FIVE STAR REVIEW: "really knows his craft...a gorgeous string section." 

     - CD Baby, June 2016


FOUR STAR REVIEW: "the title track floats on a layer of strings" 

     - Patrick Van de Wiele, Keys and Chords, June 2016 (Belgium)


"wonderfully rich, lush, tapestry-of-sound music"

     - MusicDiscussion, June 2016

"highly recommended for new age connoisseurs"

     - The Bookwatch, June 2016